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Freedom in singing–through Zen

June 17, 2009

Please refer to 6-16-09 posting on freedom in singing and 5-19-09 posting on Zen and bondage.  

Recall Zen Buddhism is Indian in origin.  Yoga asanas (stretches) are the initial steps to meditation– yoga to still the body before sitting meditations that still the mind.   Stilling the mind diminishes craving (similar to compulsion).  

Hindu and Buddhist spiritual leaders thus answered on vocal freedom–stretches and meditation. explains that simply stretches (without vocalizing or singing exercises), can be used for learning singing.   Alan Greene’s book, the New Voice, is a series of silent exercises to stretch, detense, and establish or the proper vocal structure.   Alan Greene, , was a singing instructor endorsed by Harry Belafonte and Walter Matheau who developed such a silent stretches for his students.    Yes, for 10+ years, he taught students how to sing without their singing.  (A Zen riddle for you). supplements Alan Greene’s work in that focus is that proper posture will great faciliate proper vocal structure.

VocalPosture believes that stretches, alike asanas, are the first steps to gaining singing freedom, alike how yoga asanas are the first step to meditation.   Unlike the ultimate goal of meditation, VocalPosture is less concerned with freedom or vocal freedom, but is interested in the journey.

This journey means that while one is trying to attain vocal freedom (a long journey), one should utilize rather than free one’s bondage.   In psychology, this means, sublimation of one’s suppressed emotions.

Blues, sorrowful songs–these are examples of sublimation of sorrow (and Zen and Buddha know a lot about sorrow).  

One should, in VocalPosture’s view, use stretches to attain a perfect vocal structure; but before achieving this, utilize the improvements in stretches coupled with sublimation of the suppressed emotions.

Chen Sun


Can yoga serve as vocal warmup?

May 20, 2009

I haven’t found success at this. Yoga’s stretches are valuable to enable capacity, but it is difficult to stretch the vocal tract or vocal cords as for warm-ups, that I know of.

question on yoga stretches

May 17, 2009

What is the best yoga stretch for the sides of throat muscles?

What’s the best yoga pose for slouches singers

May 5, 2009

Cobra, because cobra counteracts the slouch and achieve a straighter vocal tract.  Lots of people have slouches, and most aren’t aware of it.  Very few people stand straight.

yoga–initial thoughts

April 16, 2009

Yoga can stretch all kinds of muscles and would work for much of vocalposture’s objectives on reducing muscular tension. But, yoga is not complete.

1. Trigger points and emotional-blocked muscular tensions are difficult to rid by yoga.
2. Yoga, particularly in a class or any kind of public session, won’t release much of the suppressed emotional tensions.