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Most people have a divine voice within, and the objective of is to teach how restore this voice, and then enable voice instructors to train the voice.  Great advances in singing can be made by first affecting the instrument–one’s own posture.   After posture improves are made, singing skill can be better taught. 

It is very difficult to create full and accurate tone, if one’s muscles  are not in good tone.  To attain good muscle tone, good posture is required. will show methods of restoring your posture, so that your singing doesn’t fight body and mental tensions; and your innate, divine voice is naturally revealed. will include information on vocal health, online music, ergonomics, general vocal philosophy issues, Platonic and Zen Buddhist philosophical ideas applied toward singing, and even some issues related more in psychology and muscle tension areas.

Chen Sun, owner of (Houston, TX, USA) created the methods in  He is an alumnus of Amherst College and California Institute of Technology, but not a vocal instructor or professional singer. 

Your comments and questions are greatly appreciated!


One Response to “Read First–About”

  1. Martin DeBourge Says:

    Thrilled to have stumbled on your site!
    I will be watching for the official launch anxiously. I’m a professional singer and voice teacher/coach – and have always taught from the origin of discovering one’s own “note” or “divine voice” as you put it…. so it’s GREAT to see someone else recognizing the importance of it.

    Martin DeBourge

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