How does posture help singing?    How can one sing well without proper vocal structure?

VocalPosture.com suggests a different philosophy to singing.  In order to sing with ease, meaning: 1. the breathing apparatus is fully utilized with minimal effort 2. the muscles around the vocal cords are not strained  3. the vocal tract is straightened without taut muscles to do such 4. there are minimal obstructions (e.g. soft pallet) to sound emission 5. standing wave is created 6. and many more, it is necessary to create the proper vocal structure.  

Proper vocal structure means the mouth and back of the throat is formed in a certain way, and its support, the posture, is necessary.  Vocalposture.com claims that creating a relaxed, properly aligned posture can automatically create proper vocal structure, and that these constitute over 50% of good singing tone; and perhaps 70% of good pop, blues, musical etc singing tone (but not opera).

Learn why this is so here, and how you can restore your innate divine posture, restore your innate divine vocal structure, and sing far better.

Created by www.WebAndNet.com


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