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Lower back and pelvis as fulcrum

July 26, 2013

Source of prana and location of tan tien.

Is the base support for most of upper body and is the fulcrum point between upper and lower.

This must be in correct position and move correctly.  Otherwise, there will always be lots of tight tissues.

Also, this is the foundation for freely moving spine, which should be freely moving with the music and rhythm.

This part is also needed to coordinate between legs and upper body.


Making changes and philosophy

July 15, 2013

Making changes involve lots of factors.   The body and mind works in a certain way and a number of steps in its control can affect how changes are done.

VocalPosture deals with a slight sliver in all this.   Vocal tensions that are caused by structural and reinforced by emotional tension.

In solving a challenge, one has to understand the cause of the problem.   We’re just dealing with a small portion of the many possible problems.

We are claiming though that this problem is very common, and such claim is supported by several ancient texts.

Aging and lower vocal pitch

July 15, 2013

Some possible causes:

1. Muscles lose their tonicity.   But this should not be significant if practicing regularly.

2. Slight bit of acid reflux weakens tissue sensitivity and control.   One reason proton inhibitors help with singing tone.

3. Acid reflux causes mucus production which muffles the sound.

4. How does shortening of body affect this?


Anyone know?

Exercises and aging

July 6, 2013

Good example, frontman for Asleep at the Wheel.   Though in his sixties, still working as singer.

Important to upkeep your body’s fitness.