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Are singing-method patents commercially viable?

April 13, 2009

Does anyone see commercial value in patenting methods to learn singing?  I just can’t see how patenting teaching methods of singing can be profitably enforced, except at institutions, and that would be difficult as well. 

Does anyone know about patents and singinging learning methods?


Chen Sun,


Vision and revenue

April 13, 2009, creator of, seeks your input on how to generate revenue with this site.   WebAndNet has numerous vocal-posture web content material and would like to create free teaching videos.  These take time to create professionaly.

WebAndNet has an ergonomics possible-invention that may solve the revenue issue, and we can sell ergonomic products through this site.   We lack time to teach students individually though, which is the revenue model for many free singing websites.

If you have any ideas, appreciate your input. 


Chen Sun,