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How to repair compression stockings’ soles

July 17, 2017

Repairing compression stockings’ soles is a tremendous waste of my time.   Compression stockings are expensive and holes in soles form easily.   Here are some tips.  If you know a better way, please let me know.   I would appreciate any help.

For a run or a very small hole on the legging portion, Beacon Fabri-Tac washable fabric glue is an imperfect solution.    First, make sure the glue is thin and flows easily.   If not thin, add acetone as thinner.   Acetone can be purchased at women’s beauty supply stores.

On a run, put a small streak at the end of the run.   On a very small  hole, overlay torn sides of the fabric over another, and glue,  using tissue paper underneath.  A small amount of tissue paper will become glue-stuck.

Beacon Fabri-Tac often stays on, sometimes doesn’t, and this causes constant regluing.
Beacon is not a stretchable glue, and this means graduated compression is affected,  if a large amount is applied.

Aleene’s Flexible Strechable Fabric Glue was not strong enough to hold my Sigvaris compression stocking.   I couldn’t get Aleene’s Fabric Fusion glue to work.   Thank you, Aleene for sending me samples–these are quality glues, but apparently not for compression stocking.   Never tried nail polish, as described in many others’ recommendations.

For big holes, as often found on the stocking soles, here is my experience.   Cut a patch about half to 3/4 inch radius from the hole.   This large radius distance is because otherwise,  the hole may extend further.    Previously used, thin compression stocking fabric patch stayed glued much better than thick compression stocking fabric.  And on the sole,  this thinness was far more comfortable.

First, place tissue paper under the hole or thinning part of stocking.   Some paper will remain glued.

Patch should go on stockings’ outside, and place glue on the smooth side of the patch.   Use thin disposable gloves when applying glue.   Apply generous amount of glue onto patch, except where fingers hold patch.   Press and hold patch onto stocking for about 30 seconds.   Add glue to finger hold portion of patch.    Press patch.   Dry out for a couple of days.  Inspect for failed gluing.

If the holes are on the sole, you’ll have to analyze how the holes form.   What part of the shoe is causing excessive pressure on the foot?   Then, try to relieve this pressure.    I’ll write on this topic later.