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Restore vs Exercise for voice training

April 13, 2009

A key philosophical difference between standard singing exercises and’s restore concept is that emphasizes ridding muscular tension, instead of exercising muscles. 

Muscular exercise can reduce some muscular tensions; and thus so can standard vocal exercises.   But, just as we see many people needing massage therapy, yoga, shiatsu, chiropractic, and, in particular myofascia release of trigger points, we can understand comparably that there are additional treatment modalities for taut posture muscles.  If any muscle is not in tone, the entire body’s posture is thrown off.  Each body part not in alignment affects the tone and other body muscles. 

For most people, this proper body alignment is within them, and thus, their natural muscle and singing tone is within.  So, we have to examine what causes muscle tone to be lost, and then fix these–this is the major goal of

Chen Sun

Maya and hearing

April 12, 2009

Maya is an Indian concept that is similar to delusion.   Hindu concepts are concerned with how the Maya mind tricks the individual into not seeing the real.  Then, Hindus and Buddhists practice meditation to bypass Maya and RESTORE one’s real self. 

Vocalposture is comparable here–it’s saying that the Maya mind tricks the individual into not hearing his real voice.  Straightening the posture (comparable to meditation’s focus on straightening the spine) is also used to bypass the Maya hearing.

How do we hear singing?

April 12, 2009

Response to question on singing and hearing….

When singing, I believe the mind uses the ear drum’s sensations together with other bodily sensations and the mind’s own desired heard sound to synthesize the mentally “heard” sound.

If one’s mind can affect one’s hearing of one’s voice, then, it seems
possible to retrain the mind to accurately hear one’s voice better.
If this is possible, it is possible self-teach oneself how to sing.

Let me give a example. I have weak highs, but, when sing highs,
somehow “psychologically hear” my highs’ volume is just right. Is it possible to remap my hearing such that my “heard” highs volume
becomes accurate?

It seem this can be a type of vocal training—training by getting
rid of mishearings instead of practicing one’s voice.  If such trained, all one has to do is to hear how one matches to the music and other singers—in order to sing better.

This is somewhat “Buddhist”, “Hindu”, “meditation” in approach—that is
getting rid of mishearing in order to sing better, instead of
practicing scales to sing better. Can someone advise me how this may
have been tried as a vocal training technique?

Problem with tape recorders is that microphone technology is usually

Chen Sun