Restore vs Exercise for voice training

A key philosophical difference between standard singing exercises and’s restore concept is that emphasizes ridding muscular tension, instead of exercising muscles. 

Muscular exercise can reduce some muscular tensions; and thus so can standard vocal exercises.   But, just as we see many people needing massage therapy, yoga, shiatsu, chiropractic, and, in particular myofascia release of trigger points, we can understand comparably that there are additional treatment modalities for taut posture muscles.  If any muscle is not in tone, the entire body’s posture is thrown off.  Each body part not in alignment affects the tone and other body muscles. 

For most people, this proper body alignment is within them, and thus, their natural muscle and singing tone is within.  So, we have to examine what causes muscle tone to be lost, and then fix these–this is the major goal of

Chen Sun


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