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Recorder review Olympus WS-321M

April 13, 2009

First review of Olympus WS-321M digital micro recoder


OK, I tried this.  



  1. Very compact.
  2. Can be used as a music player as well.
  3. Better than my prior Panasonic RR-US430
  4. Maybe being phased out, so can get at very good prices.
  5. Far better recordings than my Flip videocam.




  1. Lacks bass in recording.   This is a major problem, but to solve it may be very expensive on any digital recorder.
  2. Cannot be used with a dynamic mic.   This is also a major problem, but I’m unsure any digital recorder will solve this.
  3. Very bad voice recording in live venues.


I talked with Olympus, and believe their new, expensive LS-10 may be the ideal solution for portable recording devices.