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mic use

July 11, 2009

Even though he sways constantly, B. B. King creates a consistent circumference around the microphone, so as to generate a consistent volume sound.

The mic I want to buy

June 20, 2009

Previously, the highest recommended was the Beyerdynamic Opus 89 (which I haven’t tried). Are there any more developments on best dynamic mic?

Here’s what I dislike about current best rated mics:

EV 767– Good aggressive bassy mic. Difficult to get screaming highs or really bassy booming lows or aggressive lows.
Audix OM5 –good on aggressive highs.
AE6100–excellent range mic, but lacks aggressiveness.
Sennheiser e935– requires lots of vocal power to get full effects. Excellent boomy bass. Smooth mic–not for aggressive singing. Think Billy Idol or Frank Sinantra for best effects.
EV 967– a bit thin.  Good single mic, because it has rolloff button.
SM58– tenor mic.

I wanna a do-it-all aggressive mic. High screams with aggressive lows, along with overall aggressive sound. An OM5 high with EV737 mid to low with e935 boom.

I’m planning to sell my 937 (doesn’t fit my mix of mics), so if anyone wants a slightly used 937.



May 20, 2009

This is a great full range microphone, that is a terrific microphone for, in particular, women. There are better mics in the highs and lows, but for full range, this is sensitive, sounds great, and does a good job overall.

How to buy dynamic microphones

April 15, 2009

Dynamic mics’ create very different sounds. How do you know which one to buy for your voice, particularly, as most sellers won’t accept returns (there are also some health laws preventing returns).

1. Call the manufacturers and ask them to recommend a specific model. When their rep hears you over the phone, he can offer a suggestion.

2. Buy the mic from a seller who has a return policy on mics. Many of the major Internet sellers have this.

3. Test the mic out on your own equipment.

4. Dynamic mics frequently have lowest advertised price. If you shop carefully, you’ll find a lower price.