The mixed voice

Also, I completely disagree with the view of singing in the head voice.   One should be able to choose whichever “positioned” voice he prefers.  If he wants to be a head voice specialist, fine.   But, one just can’t reach full height of singing by chopping off the body.

Also, raising or lowering the soft pallet has different types of effects.  If one lowers the pallet, the sound goes through the back of the head and comes out through both the mouth and the front of the face, both amplified– a very pleasant mixed sound.   The vocal cords are also more relaxed in this position, enabling for the vocal cords to emit higher highs. 

If one wants a screaming type of high, raise the upper pallet, and deliberately tighten the vocal cords and aim the sound toward the front roof of the mouth, to get more sinus resonance.   The problem here is that it is less total resonance, but more deliberate screaming power.

 To sing metal or rock really well, do all three– chest resonance, lower pallet front and mouth resonance, and screaming–simulatenously.   I’m sure it can be done, but don’t ask me how.   Just an amateur.


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