Pitch hearing

Well, to offer my contrarian, amateur views.  Maybe a better question is how is it you lost your accurate pitch, instead of how to learn accurate pitch.

Pitch matching is, for most people, a natural, innate skill.    One can see this particularly well in certain Asian countries’ women’s very high pitch talking voices.   This is a learned pitch matching from their childhood– they heard other women talk this way, society reinforced it, and they innately learn to attain this high pitch.

That you are unable to match pitch is more likely that you lost your innate ability.   How did this happen?   I believe that this occurs most often by the mind psychologically fooling one’s own listening, when your vocal sounds travel from the mouth to the ears, also travelling through the facial bones.  

Though pitch matching with a known sound is one way, I don’t think it’s a good singing way.  

Japanese Zen art has the concept of irregularities.   So, whereas in Western art, symetry is highly prized, in Zen art, there is the irregularity.   Developing perfect symmetry in reality is not only difficult, but boring as well.   So, Japanese Zen art shows irregularities and prizes these, as these are reality-based.   In pop music, it is the irregularity that is high prized, not the symmetry.

This means, to learn singing, the focus should be on harmonious pitches, utilizing one’s irregularities.   The idea isn’t to attain perfect symmetry in singing.   To attain the harmonious, using one’s irregularities, one still has to hear one’s voice accurately.   This means to relearn one’s innate vocal hearing, rather than to practice with a known pitch.

So, the first step is to hear accurately, and the first process is to align one’s posture accurately to hear accurately.    www.vocalposture.com


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