Acid reflux

Zegerid, Nexium, Prilosec, Previcid and other proton-inhibitors are usually different forumulations of the same; their differences come in how quickly and how much is absorbed by the individual.   Zegerid is newer, but my personal experience is that Zegerid’s immediate effects are faster, but all these worked about the same for me.  My gastro doctor says that Zegerid is superior for a percentage of people; but remember, everyone is an individual.

I’m not a pharmacist or doctor, but my understanding is IT IS UNNECESSARY TO PURCHASE THESE BY PRESCRIPTION.  The prescription forms of Zegerid and Previcid are basically twice the dosage of their OTC versions.   Zegerid has a powder prescription version that is again a bit faster than the pill version.

Here’s how to buy these items cheap.   Look in the Sunday newspapers under Walgreens and CVS ads, and use their promos, coupled with Walgreens monthly discount booklet coupon and even use the meds website coupons.   How cheap?   Previcid normally costs about $22 for 42.   Walgreens raised its price to $24, had a $3 coupon in its booklet, and Previcid gave away a $25 voucher with its purchase.   I figure voucher is worth about $17.   So effectively– 42 Previcd for a net of $4.   If you double the dosage, such that it becomes the prescription formulation– 21 (3 weeks of Previcid) for $4.  

Everyone is different, so Zantac can work well for some people as well.   But Zantac has far more side effects.   Additionally, proton inhibitors are a very safe drug, in for long term usage, as compared to other drugs.

 Cheaper than $4?   I didn’t have to use proton inhibitors for over 3 years by making these changes:

 1. raise my bed and drank antacid before sleeping.

2. change my posture including sitting posture.

3. less fats in my diet.


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