Posture and many illnesses are related

We will discuss later posture and its influence on illnesses as acid reflux and prostatitis, and we’ll also discuss how posture’s related behavioural disorder–compulsion–can exacerbate depression, over-eating, sadness.  Compulsion is very related to singing, as possibly the primary reason singers are unable to improve rapidly is because of their body’s compulsions.   Changing singing and changing posture are difficult without solving compulsion.


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One Response to “Posture and many illnesses are related”

  1. webandnet Says:

    If you can find good practioners of yoga, they can tell you a lot about postures and activation and deactivation of many illnesses. I once surveyed a book on prostatitis written by a Standford U researcher psychologist. His ideas are similar, though not explained in same way. You may also want to try Feldenkrais books, which put me to sleep too quickly.

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