“Jussi is considered to have perfect technique, however, on almost every phrase, I see him violating one of the basic rules of technique — he’s taking a high breath. On every single phrase, his chest and shoulders rise. He doesn’t appear to be taking a low breath at all.”

Lots of people have shoulder tension, and lots of people don’t use much of diaphragm when singing; it does not follow from these that the shoulders should not be uplifted.

Shoulders, chest, and diaphragm should be full expanded for maximum air intake.   Analogous to running– max intake when all these are fully intaking air.  Shoulders lift, my estimate, is anywhere from 5 to 15% more air.

If the shoulders are uplifted vertically, this is usually suggestive of tension.   If shoulders are expanded laterally, and then uplifted, this suggests filling with air, and is correct.

Additionally, I disagree with the view that there’s a “correct” shoulder movement or position.   Effective singing is usually a sublimated emotion, and a raised shoulder is frequently or usually a part of fear emotion.

So, the natural position for shoulder should be–  1. When possible full expansion   2. As part of the emotion being expressed.


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