More on the chest

A different philosophy:

In good singing, the sound is an expression of the entire body’s emotions.  In learning how to sing, it may be useful to keep certain parts of the body still in order to learn how to gain control, as moving body parts are difficult to learn how to control.   However, after learning some control (through posture alignments), the entire body should become emotionally expressive.   This means that the chest should move according to the desired emotional expression.

Sad singing–drop the chest to express sorrow.
Angry sing–raise and tense the chest.
Happy singing– raise and elate the chest.

Without the proper body posture, the emotion is very difficult to express properly because the muscles are in conflict.   If the emotions drive the body posture, the singing will be emotionally expressive.

Similar idea as in most sports.  In these, there is usually a starting neutral position that enables one to be able to quickly go into other positions.   But the other positions are where the execution take place most of the time.   Chest, same way.   Begin with a neutral position, but execute (change) according to the emotion desired.


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