should the chest be up or down

from  [quote=VIDEOHERE]hiya folks,
i’ve heard two schools of thought on these two subjects, can you let me know the better way to go?

1. when singing on stage, is it better to breathe from the nose or the mouth?…some say the mouth is better, but tends to dry the throat.

2. when inhaling should the chest be pushed up or left to itself? i know you want to expand the ribs and leave the shoulders down, but i thought it’s better to keep the chest unlifted.

thanks in advance, bob[/quote]
The nose is built for breathing, but when extra air is needed, the mouth can add.  Thereby, the answer to your question is how fast one needs to replenish the lungs.   If slowly, nose is better; if not (e.g. need air to sing next note), both.

Most people have posture problems, in particular, slouches.   Therefore, the correct position for most people is the chest pushed up, which is its natural state.  Unfortunately, most people have so much body tension that they slouch.   In slouching, the myofascia tissue, muscles, and spinal alignment actually adjust to a near-permanent tension state.   So, if the chest is then pushed up to its natural state, there is greater tension still.

So, the correct solution is to straighten the spine, which is a lengthy process.    The incorrect process is to minimize tension, which is to go into the most relaxed slouch state; which is the better short-term solution.

In short, the chest should be naturally pushed up and left to itself.


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  1. webandnet Says:

    This was an approach by Feldenkrais practioner. I feel it misses the cause. Though the head’s “center” may not be felt by the student, and though each student’s true “head center” may be different, this doesn’t follow that a “head center” doesn’t exist, and shouldn’t say that people’s “head center” isn’t the ideal location.

    I believe that Vocalposture’s chest explanation for short term–simply being in a relaxed slouched state–is similar to this Feldenkrais explanation. And, at the same time, “detensing” to find true head center as described by other vocal instructors, is a better long-term solution-treatment.

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