Timbre and cutting through music

from themodernvocalist.com discussion forum:

folks, this is such an interesting topic, i wanted to insert this again to make a point:

2 singers, singing the same song, tom “the powerhouse” jones, “richard “tenor-sounding” marx”

jones is singing 2 steps higher than marx, but marx’s more piercing timbre cut through to sound “high”



so i think it’s not whether or not someone is a tenor or a baritone, but the vocal timbre of the vocalist.[/quote]

In follow-up to how tenors and basses affect live audiences discussion…

These videos demonstrate the effects of technology well.  Bass sounds are truncated in downloaded audio technologies.  Tom Jones has a full spectrum voice and his video’s bass sounds are reduced, it is even partially imagined, which is part of the bag of tricks in audio technologies’ truncating bass. Marx utilizes the music’s bass undertones to create his music; Marx lacks a full spectrum voice and relies on audio technologies so we imagine his sounding full.

The PCs sound card also makes a big difference in download audio technologies.  What you’re hearing may be different from what I’m hearing on a different sound card.

Also, these videos demonstrate the difficulties of capturing sounds in live recordings versus studio.  Tom Jones has to compete against an entire orchestra.

Isn’t Marx’s recording’s music also slightly lower pitch?  If music is lower pitch, it’s would be easier for Marx to cut through singing lower pitch.

I personally believe that live, Tom Jones is far more impressive because of his full spectrum voice that cuts through an entire orchestra.  In live sounds, the bassier male singers, and better yet full spectrum singers, are more impressive, have more power, stature, and can create more moods.


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