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Hi, will you please help me with reference sources?

I’m working on possibly inventing a way to learn how to sing, derived primarily from Hinduism’s ideas of the inner divine, posture alignment (as these relate to the Asian healing arts), contemporary psychology, trigger points, and muscular tensions. Where I begin is, if according to Hinduism, the divine is within, then the divine voice is also, and can be restored, rather than technically trained, as is frequently suggested here.

My current reference books from pedagogy literature are: The New Voice, by Alan Greene (the best of the bunch), Your Body, Your Voice: The Key to Natural Singing and Speaking by Dimon Jr., Theodore, and Body and Voice: Somatic Re-education by Marina Gilman. Recall having also scanned the book Voice and the Alexander Technique.

Thank you for others’ here on recommending Born To Sing: A singer’s journey toward mind-body unity by Ron Murdock. Will quickly order this.

Are there other books, videos, training, etc. like these? Basically how the body ties into the voice physiologically, and evidence supported by by time-tested religious or philosophical literature. And on how restoring-revealing the divine voice supports ancient sages’ ideas on that the divine is within? That is, restoring a divine voice gives evidence to that other characteristics of the body-mind also have a divine self.

E.g., when Nietzsche says the overman can be created by learning past literature and then overcoming past mostly psychological encumbrances. Overcoming past encumbrances is analogous to overcoming past singing habits and tensions. Learning past literature is learning past singing techniques. Result is a super singer (an overman of voice).

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  1. Deborah A Kinghorn Says:

    Hi: As a Master Teacher of Lessac Kinesensics, I suggest you look into Arthur Lessac’s books “The Use and Training of the Human Voice” and “Body Wisdom: the use and Training of the Human body”. Body Wisdom is out of print right now, but I have copies, if you are interested. Check out the website “Lessac Training and Research institute” ( for more information. Would be happy to speak to you about our work, if you desire.

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