Diaphragm breathing and acid reflux

As proper supported diaphragm breathing pushes the diaphragm (and also esophagus) downward, the stomach acid will flow into the esophagus and irritate acid reflux.

1. Don’t eat before singing.

2. Don’t drink carbonated drinks with caffeine (most carbonated drinks have caffeine).

3. Don’t drink caffeine.

If must sing, then use an antiacid.   These usually last 30 to 60 minutes, so will be very useful for singing and diaphragm breathing while with food in stomach.


4 Responses to “Diaphragm breathing and acid reflux”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Thank you! Do you think that access teaching, while showing a lot how to support your breath (holding back muscles to support) and added to that, singing quite a lot – do you thin that it all can create or irritate the esophagus muscle to make it weaker? I’ve never had heartburn and it started just now, as this year i am teaching much more. it’s horrible. is it advised to teach less? THANK YOU!

    • webandnet Says:

      Hi Mimi,

      Many causes weaken the esophageal sphincter muscles. These causes are personal, for example, chocolates and coffee weaken my esophageal sphincter, but spices (another common cause) don’t. I don’t get regurgitated reflux much, so know more about simply posturally keeping the esophagus away from the stomach acid. Acid continually wearing away esophageal lining causes the pain. The more reduction of acid entering and staying in the esophageal tract, the healthier and more pain-resistant your esophagus will be.

      Natural posture is with the chest NATURALLY high and esophageal sphincter pulled away from the stomach, lessens acid reflux. Natural posture, however, is usually difficult to achieve.

      Singing properly while pushing down the diaphragm can, in my opinion, cause stomach acid to enter a weakened esophageal sphincter. So, yes, if singing with diaphragm more, acid reaches esophagus more.

      Treating acid reflux typically begins with reducing the causal factors. If nocturnal reflux, one of the easiest treatments is to dramatically increase a bed’s incline, not eat or drink anything other than water for 3 hours prior to lying down, and take Gaviscon before sleeping. Another easy treatment method is to use proton pump inhibitors. Recall that if your esophagus is already damaged, it needs to heal first, and proton pump inhibitors do this well. You’ll sing far better too, for all kinds of reasons. Also, try Gaviscon before teaching and drink a couple of gulps of water immediately after each song.

      It’s important to diagnose the food causes. Extra weight is also a major causal factor. I have a chair invention that helps too.

      Your pain is a good indicator of how much your acid is touching esophagus. So, treat damage already done, and then prevent acid from reaching and Staying in the esophagus, through many ways.

      Hope your pain reduces and you’ll sing better too!

      • webandnet Says:

        If you’re able to Naturally attain good posture, acid reflux will reduce AND your vocal quality may become far superior! For all kinds of complicated reasons.

      • webandnet Says:

        Also, when teaching stand Tall. If sitting, one’s internal viscera pushes up on the stomach, which pushes moreso into the esophagus, which is already shortened-tilted from sitting. Standing also enable to digestive tract to move food (and acid) out of the stomach faster.

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