Tilt the thyroid?


Well, I don’t know much about the thyroid, but my understanding is that it is a very well protected part of the throat.  I wasn’t even aware it could be tilted or felt.    Do they mean, tilt the larynx so that it feels like tilting the thyroid?

Here’s a video of a healthy neck-throat. Notice that it is convex in alignment!

So, in order to “tilt the thyroid”, it helps to get the neck-throat in convex alignment to start out with. Most people tilt head forward, and, as can be seen, there’s less larynx to “tilt” if one’s head (and chest) are already tilted forward (kyphosis).

This is actually a fairly difficult process, involving much with posture.

http://www.youtube.com/feed/UCzKDD95_A5rLsYbw6O9sEuw    Tennelli also has some videos on larynx use in appoggio.   Tennelli somewhere says that if the diaphragm isn’t used properly, manipulations with the thyroid won’t work properly.

Well, I don’t know if this helps, but good luck!

>>>  I’ve heard of “tilting the thyroid” many, mnay times. I just… have no idea how to do it. Can somebody help me, or at least give me some advice? I have quite literally no idea what I’m doing- and my new vocal teacher, a baritone, isn’t much help either. I’ve tried crying, sobbing and whimpering my way past a G4- but it never works- I just slip right into falsetto.


One Response to “Tilt the thyroid?”

  1. Michael Arch Almighty Says:

    I will suggest you develop Mask Resonance. That’s eventually what will help you project your voice and sing higher.
    Singing higher is a matter of resonance shifting and the use of different kind of resonators. Mask resonance actually requires the use of resonators in nasal passages and sinus cavities but the region of resonance remains in the face….. Try practicing some nasal sounds like ‘Nay Nay’ on arpeggios.. For more info and exercises look up these terms ‘mask resonance’…’fat meaty sound’…’mixed voice’….’vocal resonance’ on youtube……… Hope it helps 🙂

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