My contrarian view

Well, here’s my typical contrarian view.   Though I agree that Felipe has defined the problem accurately–that tension is the source of many difficulties, I believe the answers lie slightly different from what he said– strength building and coordination.

The answer I believe, lie in balance and posture, which results in muscle tonality and vocal pathway straightening and enhanced resonance.

Let’s first look at the logic.   1. Tension is not only the muscle fiber, but also their enwrapping myofascia tissue, and also tension of glandular tissues.   2. The body usually has diametrically opposed muscles– that is, weakness in one suggests tightness in its opposite.    These diametrically opposed muscles are what keeps one’s support structure and arms and head upright.

Also, let’s ask some questions:   1. Why doesn’t the body naturally strengthen its diametrically opposed muscles (rather than have to strengthen some particular muscle, as suggested above)?    2. What is coordination, other than the proper functionality of the diametrically opposed muscles?  3. What kinds of tension are we referring to?

But, to get to the point.   Strength building of a weakened muscle can help in restoring the Balance of diametrically opposed muscles, but there are many sources of weakened, taut diametrically opposed muscle set, including emotional, injury, myofascia, more…, and strength building only helps with one.

The elimination of these tensions, to restore the Balance of diametrically opposed muscle, is a resulting natural, innate human trait of in tone, balanced muscles.  These are what is meant by to restore one’s childness and perhaps even part of the Yin-Yang, in Eastern religions and philosophies.

And the starting point for all these– posture alignment– utilizing yoga exercises (by these, I mean more Eastern yoga), and then alignment of the spine to then practice meditation.

In summary, Balance through spinal alignment to get rid of tensions, instead of immediate strength building.




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