The wide variety of singing methods


By Nathan…

“So I know we all have our preference when it comes to singing methodology. Some use SLS, CVT, TVS, RYV etc. The problem is that all of these 3 lettered abbreviations we swear by have very differents methods and opinions on, often, the same area. Rarely do you find that they all unanimously agree on any particular thing. I’ve been encountering this problem all over the place whilst at music school. Different teachers, following different methods, will teach different things to the same students, which leaves us all dazed and confused….”

Instead of trying to figure out what the right technique is, start with determining the message you’re trying to deliver to the audience. Ask the question, what’s your singing worth without the audience’s hearing?  It is well known that people hear emotional messaging surprisingly well.

So, instead of trying to create specific tones, start with actualizing your emotional message.   Then, set the emotional in rhythm with the music.  Then make the message melodic (and a little poetic)    These are easier steps, and are difficult as is.   But, actually, you will probably do well, because you’ve had a lifetime of practicing this, as you’ve already expressed emotionally simply growing up, and your vocal apparatus know how to do these.

So, the first step, in my opinion, is to get to know yourself (as above).  (Isn’t it interesting how ancient philosophical ideas are so true?)

The next step, is to get rid of tension, and I believe this is accomplished by straightening body posture.  Tension makes it very difficult to sing properly.  Again, this is a view of “Know Thyself”– that is know by ridding what shouldn’t be with you.

The above two steps may take some time, maybe even a few years– to know yourself isn’t so easy.

After learning these two, it then may be appropriate to learn some methods to enhance.  But ask the question again, if know thyself is true, shouldn’t you be able to know your own produced sounds?   And also, know how these sounds are produced?   That is, If you can hear properly, you’ll be able to adjust your singing accordingly.   (Simple things can be very difficult).

Focus on the simple things first– know thyself, hearing thyself, straighten posture  — singing will naturally follow (isn’t this what Buddhists also says, in a way?)

In summary, sing to the audience an emotional message they’ll understand first, then learn what’s stopping your emotional message from being tonal.


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