Modern diet and acid reflux

A lot is said about types of food.   There is a good show about Australian dumpster scavengers– these are “white” folks with money who believe that eating toss-aways from dumpsters is ecologically sensible.    It’s unclear that they have more acid reflux than normal population.   One wonders at this, until the show points out that “in the state of nature”, humans are scavengers– eating mostly leftover kill by other animals–unwashed, eaten by others, diseased, possibly maggots– and in the natural state, these individuals may be OK.

Human digestive system is built for scavenging, and probably can tolerate modern food as well as scavenged food.   Yes, modern food with all its hidden fats, synthetics, hormones, etc., aren’t too good for you, but fats can be eliminated, hormones reduced, etc.    If you can tolerate it, eat inexpensive beans– organic, washed free of pesticides, lots of bulk, etc..

But be aware, eating beans produces a lot of gas– which bloats one’s stomach, increases pressure, and can contributes to acid reflux.    What I’m trying to say, is that the synthetics in modern diet might be able to kill you on cancer, but it’s unclear how it affects acid reflux.


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