Extended breath and diaphragm

One perspective at extending length of breath is to exercise its expansion, as you’ve done.

Another perspective is asking why the length of breath is naturally extended?   Usually, the answer, I believe, comes in that the diaphragm is too tense, and thus, not only doesn’t fill fully, but moreso, wants to return to a taut state.   Hence, you are unable to control its release, because it was too tense to begin with.

So, the question next comes, why is it so tense?   If we look at the diaphragm, the apparent answers will be that the lower back isn’t extended straight and that the chest may be concaved in.   This leaves the diaphragm easy to retain its tense state.  

Hence, the objective here is to first release this tension.

Releasing tension can be accomplished, in part, through exercise, which is what you’re presently doing.   But usually, this approach is partial in its effects.   One has to do all kinds of methods to relieve the excess or insufficient muscle tone throughout the diaphragm, usually beginning with ergonomic posture changes.


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