Hearing, singing and posture

Returning to a topic we had a year ago–the question was, is it possible to hear oneself sing accurately.  If it is possible, singing is much simpler–just interpret-match one’s voice to the music.

The vibrations move to the eardrums through the air vibrations from the mouth, the soft tissues in the vocal apparatus, and the head’s bones.  Most of the prior answers responded said it is possible, but it takes years of practice.  

I had stated that the mind then take these vibrations and interpret in very unusual ways; a process that I call Maya, the Maya in Indian and Buddhist thought.  Maya is illusion (delusion), and as it applies toward singing, I’m suggesting that aural Maya is one’s own mind’s hearing delusion of own voice.   Maya literally creates a different heard sound from what one’s actual singing–filling in missing notes, creating artificial highs, making one believe one sounds like the original recording, and more self-delusions.

How does Maya work?   The mind is powerful, and I can only guess at parts of this.  We can partially derive this from the way great gurus and bodhivisttas of the past tackled Maya.  Through meditation they bypassed Maya’s trickeries to see religious truths.

In meditation, the first step is to straighten one’s spine and align one’s head (sounds a bit Alexander technique?–well, it is).  

I’m suggesting that we can apply the similar spinal alignment treatments to bypass vocal and aural Maya (delusion).  When one spinally aligns, the vocal apparatus detenses and tones itself to sing naturally better.  This is getting rid of vocal Maya.

I’m further suggesting that when the spine and head are properly aligned, the detensing coupled with differing and better sound travel paths (through air, tissues and bones, above) enables one to hear better.   The hearing better will enable one to sing better with the also heard music.

So, I’m suggesting to sing better, one of the easiest things to do is to “hear” and effortlessly create truthfully one’s own sounds–and this is a process called getting rid of aural and vocal Maya.   

Hence, if meditation posture alignment is appropriate to see the “religious truth”, I’m suggesting that posture alignment is appropriate to hearing and vocal emission truths–one’s natural, best tonal voice.   You can read more about methods describing these at www.vocalposture.com, a random blog.

The idea of aural Maya I’m uncertain about–I’m claiming that the head positioning actual makes a difference in the way one hears.  What are your thoughts?





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