The right vocal trainer?

A question is asked whether training the voice can be compared to having training in boxing or Tae Kwon Do….

Scientific boxing, traditional Eastern martial arts, and “scientific” martial arts can be vastly different in their training methods.   A great short book on this is “Zen in the Art of Archery”, written by a German professor visiting Japan after WW2.   He learned with Zen archery priests for nearly a year, couldn’t understand why they were teaching him things having little to do with shooting arrows accurately, implemented accuracy methods, and promptly got kicked out of the temple.   Begged his way back in, studied another two years not focusing on accuracy, had to leave Japan, and asked the Zen master what his goal was.   The Zen master took him to a pitch black room, took two shots, hit the bulleye and split the arrow.  Zen is concerned with the power of the subconscious, and is not a “scientific” boxing method training.

Sumo wrestling– there’s method of course, but its essence has to do with releasing the kundalini energy power in a short burst to knock one’s opponent out of the ring.  

Great singing, in my opinion, has a lot to do with releasing one’s own natural voice (kundalini energy, Zen spiritual force, etc.), and the problem with “training” is that there are entire civilizations’ ideologies that basically say that scientific Western bodywork training is not optimal for the talented.  Furthermore, in the restorative-health arts (how is one to sing great without first restoring?), e.g. yoga, Tai Chi, accupressure, it is obvious that there are entirely different therapeutic modalities than scientific ones.

So, the questions in training should be, in my opinion:

1. Is the focus restoration of the voice?
2. Is it disciplined scientific exercising of the voice?
3. Is it subconscious power of the voice?

Training methods here are completely different, and my opinion is that different individuals need entirely different training methods.


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