Where are conferences on singing instructions?

Where are there tradeshows, conferences, etc. on music instructions?

I’m developing an unusual method to learn how to sing, called VocalPosture.com, presently in random blog notes.   VocalPosture says that the alignment of the skeletal system affects the vocal apparatus and hearing pathways, and a realignment process can restore accurate hearing and innate vocal singing, for the vast majority of people.   Analogy and supporting evidence is provided by references to Zen Buddhism, which likewise is a restoration of one’s own innate “subconscious” capabilities.  VocalPosture is unlike Alexander Methods or Feldenkrais.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to develop these methods independently and have no idea what vocal pedagogy already knows, but the literature I’ve researched—on the web and in older library books don’t show anything like this.   Other than its methods working very well for me, supporting evidence from Eastern religions and Western psychology and physiology, I have no evidence how accurate my ideas are.  And singing is strictly a hobby.

So, I’m curious as to where I can go to have my ideas tested out and examined by professionals and amateurs.   Something alike bar camp in the IT discussions side, where lots of pros attend and anyone can propose and lead a topic of discussion.

I’m in Houston, TX and visit Silicon Valley once every six months.


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