Timing is based on mental music

In VocalPosture.com’s opinion, accurate timing is more appreciated by the audience than precise pitch, but perhaps less than tonal quality.   In the case of the lead singer, he or she actually leads the music as well; in which case, accurate timing is more challenging. 

In general, the music follows the singer, by a slight fraction of a second.

So, when singing, one can’t listen to the music and sing, because one’s slightly behind.   If using good karaoke music, the words are frequently slightly off cue, but even if on-cue, it’ll sound like you’re reading the words.  The singing has to be interpreted with and lead the music.   So, how is this done?

VocalPosture.com’s opinion is to create a mental picture of the song and sing into that song.   The mental picture is created by knowing the song in advance, listening to the music as it is occurring, create the mental picture of what’s to come, and sing in harmony with the mental picture.

Chen Sun





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