Emotions, posture, and microexpressions

I agree, Judy, posture and emotions are interrelated. This is why in meditation there is such an emphasis on a straight spine–because a straight spine gently pulls all the tensed and loose muscles into alignment. This is also why yoga has pose and counterpose. The objectives of both of these practices are to reach a spiritual level where the “soul” isn’t affected by the emotions. In modern terms, we can think of this as “detensing” the muscles to achieve mental and emotional flexibility and stability.

There was a U. of Chicago scientist Eugene Gindlin (sp?) who wrote a book titled “Focusing”, which described a term now known as “microexpressions”? These are subconscious emotions, usually not visible to outsiders, that express true emotions. This gives a clue as to how emotions work–they are bound up with the muscles.

Thus, I’m suggesting, unless suppressed microexpression emotions are gotten rid of, it is very difficult to sing the songs that the feel is counter to the emotions. It is possible though to sing songs that the feel is consistent with these emotions–this can also be a form of sublimation.

Microexpression emotions cannot be gotten rid of by forcibly getting one into good posture–it takes a long time to get rid of these emotional muscular miniscule tensions.

Anyhow, these ideas are being blogged in my VocalPosture.com website.


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