Yoga humor

So, here I am working on my innovative method to learn singing called   Then for undetermined reasons, I injured my lower back (sacrificial preface to my upcoming posture book).  


Now, of all the activities I’ve avoided past, I’m taking hot yoga.  Yes, hot yoga, where I’m the only guy in class.  Men, you can’t find a better place for hot women at attractive ratios.


Actually, in hot yoga, they teach us how to self-inflict-painful-stretches in a heated room.  I walk in with a backache and walk out with added shoulder and neck aches. 


Modern yoga feature special lighting, 12 feet high mirrors, filtered water, showers (I’m surprised it’s not filtered water showers); all for only $155 per month, including the young enthusiastic, attractive yoga instructors, of course. 


One Response to “Yoga humor”

  1. Luke Blunden Says:

    Great Read! Hey, did you realize this blog is catalogued by Big G news? I just found it…How the heck did you pull that off?haha.

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